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Social media isn’t just something you should do to stay relevant, it’s something you have to do – and do well. That means putting thought behind what you’re posting, where it’s going, and who you work with.

Using Salesforce to Your Advantage

Between tracking where customers are in your funnel, ranking leads as hot, cold, or medium, and tracking purchases, customer management is a lot of work.

Salesforce is a program that helps you keep track. It can help you with:



Sales Funnels

Selling something isn’t as simple as a customer seeking out your product and clicking “purchase” or “add to cart”, though that would be nice.

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Most customers do thorough research before spending their money online, which means they’ll probably check out your products way before they make a purchase.

You can encourage that they come back and buy from you by getting them in your sales funnel during that research step.

Don’t know what a sales funnel is? We can help.


Automation and AI

Another way to get customers in your sales funnel is to use an AI chatbot on your website where they can ask questions.

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Or, if they’re already in the funnel, you can use automated recommendation emails to move them towards a purchase. Salesforce gives you the tools to do both.

Let us know what you imagine your marketing automation and AI strategy looking like, and we’ll manipulate the program for you. That way you get the results and don’t have to spend time on all the fine-tuning.

Implementation and Training

Want to have more of a hand in your salesforce strategy or teach your other employees about it? Salesforce has tools for everyone on your team, from the actual salespeople to your marketing partners.

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We’re here to help with implementation and training for the program, so everyone is on the same page.  We’ll work together to go after more sales with full force!

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