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Broadcasting – it’s still a relevant media source. Sure, things are changing, but people still watch TV and listen to the radio. The distribution of people has changed, which means your current strategy probably needs so

Here’s how TV media and broadcasting work in 2019:


Video Production for TV in 2019

A lot of companies forget about TV. Why? They think it’s a dead art, kind of like you wouldn’t put all your budget into on-paper advertising.

But TV isn’t dead, it’s just changing. Yes – some people still have cable, but there are streaming services that allow you to buy ads. That’s where the viewers are when it comes to TV spots.

Just because these ads and streaming services are online, doesn’t mean your level of production can be any lower. No matter which type of TV viewer you’re targeting, you need high-quality TV Video production. We’re here to help.


Targeting Local Stations: Local Media Buying

Of the people that still have cable, many have basic packages. That means it’s more important than ever to support your local TV stations and populate your ads to their viewers. Local advertising is underrated – don’t let it go to the wayside.

Media Buying and Planning

Other than local channels, do you have any idea where to put your ads? That’s where result-driven media buying and planning come in.

With the help of our industry professionals, we can help you find the best placement for your ads. You’ll get the best breakdown of cost-per-view and make your advertising budget work for you!

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