Effective email marketing strategies allow businesses to capture new customers while maintaining the long-standing ones. Email marketing demands consistent attention with good content in order to be successful. Utilizing the appropriate analytics tools is key to knowing how to drive each campaign.

Successful Email Marketing Campaign Strategies

TMS knows that a strong online presence involves a lot of moving parts working together in a well-coordinated and strategically deployed SEO marketing strategy. One of those moving parts is an effective email marketing campaign, an essential means of communication with new and repeat consumers.

Email Marketing Campaigns

With the advanced spam filters today, an effective email marketing campaign must be consistent with relevant and substantial information for the consumers. TMS crafts email marketing campaigns that are interactive, informative and click-worthy. Emails that get read, clicked-on, leading to actual business, are the ones that engage the audience with thought-provoking content that speaks directly to their needs and wants.

Why does email marketing matter? It's a marketing avenue available. Taking advantage of this avenue can lead to conversions. It holds value. A well-crafted email marketing campaign also increases brand awareness.

Email is a form of direct marketing reaching out to repeat consumers and potentially new. It has the ability to reach a wide audience. Some email marketing campaigns target former consumers to introduce promotions, or special sales luring them back to the website, where they can once again do business.

Why Invest in Email Marketing Campaigns

Repeat Business: TMS utilizes email to develop a relationship with the client's consumers. Sending industry-related promotions and newsletters directly to consumers discreetly instigating them to visit the site in order to do business with again.

Attract New Business: Getting new consumers with promotional email marketing campaigns offering significantly discounted products or services for a limited time to email subscribers is just one of the ways TMS incorporates an overall successful marketing campaign. Encouraging consumers to be involved. They become more likely to open future emails, giving them reasons to engage. This helps increases profits and brand awareness.

Email Marketing Vs. Snail Mail

Email Marketing List BuildingAnalytical tracking & Reporting allows TMS to see where and when your messages are being read by recipients. A primary means of communication-based marketing comes from the use of search engines and email is second. Email marketing is still more effective than social media marketingReaching a large number of potential customers instantly. Many consumers will have already opted for the email marketing campaign which helps bypass many spam filters. This ensures the content reaches the consumer.

Most people have their email accounts synced onto their mobile device, making it just as effective as a standard text message, actually reaching the individual. Email notifications are sent to a phone, alerting users of the sender’s identity, the message’s subject matter in the phone’s notification system. There is no waiting for people to “log on.” People are always connected and so is their email. At least half of all internet users check or send email on any given day.

When a potential consumer has abandoned a cart on your website, TMS's email marketing campaigns send reminder emails to pique the potential consumer's interest in a product/service they at one time almost invested in. This provides them with incentive.

What makes an Email Campaign Successful?

For starters, your emails should be just as clever, witty, and engaging as some of the best advertisements you’ve seen in other forms of media. Be creative and see the email message as a blank canvas. What would make you look twice? How can you get and hold a reader’s attention?

A good strategist from an email marketing agency specializes in digital media delivery and has proven tactics and approaches that are aimed at drawing attention to particular parts of a message. This allows marketing strategists to make the message as effective as possible for consumers. Be bold, unique, colorful and attractive to your consumers. You really need to find a way to stand out!

Provide customers with an incentive to click on the links in the email and make sure the landing pages for those links take the user directly to the advertised deal. You need to keep the consumer locked into the product and promotion for which they clicked on. Take them to the homepage directly without having any information there about the promotion and you run the risk of them quickly exiting.

Email Marketing Campaign Behavior

Send emails when you think they will be most likely opened and read. This is all about being creative and smart about how you engage the customer and catch their attention. Timing is always everything in email marketing and a good strategist will maximize the campaign’s potential and strike when the iron is hottest.

Email will continue to be an intersection where consumer and businesses meet for the foreseeable future. It’s advised that business owners do not neglect or fail to develop a smart, creative and engaging email marketing campaign. The benefits outweigh the associated costs and risks.

The overall cost is drastically less than other marketing strategies and has the ability to produce new leads and draw in former customers who are looking to take advantage of special promotions, sales, and offers. It builds, maintains and creates new business – customer relationships that have the potential to pay dividends for many years thereafter.

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