Your company's online reputation is essential. Manage that online reputation by eliminating negative reviews all while enhancing the online brand and being sure that all your positive reviews are being accounted for. The dedicated team of industry experts at TMS will keep a finger on the pulse of your online reputation so that you can focus on other aspects of your company.

Protect Your Online Presence with Reputation Management

The value of reputation management is generally overlooked until an individual or company has encountered negative comments or press. A backlash typically ensues, reducing income, website traffic, and of course, affecting your brand. Reputation management is an important element of our SEO services. Our on-demand reputation management services clean up local and national damaging content that threatens to destroy your name and business

Online Reputation Management Services - TMS

Managing Damaged Online Reputation

Manage Negative Online ReputationEach of our clients is unique, with some focusing on local ranking objectives and others who prefer to take their brand national. Yet, one bad review can undo months, even years, of hard work. Unfortunately, not all of these negative comments are even accurate. Some may have been posted by a competitor, or they may not have given the business an opportunity to correct a problem prior to posting.

Fortunately, many credible review sites do allow businesses to respond publicly. The timing and quality of your response can make or break you.

Large and small companies are affected via social media, printed quotes, television interviews, and even local news articles. Negative stories spread like wildfire, leaving you to sift through the ashes, while positive ones take longer to disseminate.

Pro-Active Reputation Management Strategies vs. Inactive

Increase Brand EnhancementThe best time to begin pro-active reputation management is when listing your website for local citations. These are business listings gathered from across the web. They may include phone pages, professional guilds, local Chamber of Commerce listings, basically, they are aggregated from geo-local and national web business data platforms. The accuracy of these listings is a crucial ingredient both before and during a negative review or release.

Search engine algorithms pick up whether or not duplicate listings exist within a single site, and whether the information found on differing platforms is the same. Differences in phone numbers or addresses can make search engines question the legitimacy of a site, lowering its rank. It is even possible to get negative hits if the phone number is one that has been used for another site or business.

We design and develop a strong NAP consistency across the internet for our clients. Name, address, and phone number consistency is checked when listing, to ensure that there are no duplicates. It can be easy for clients to overlook an unclaimed page or listing, create a second one, and in doing so, reduce their own legitimacy.

These are a few examples of pro-active reputation management that should be focused on when developing an online presence, prior to the need for more comprehensive work. Monitoring the web for strikes against yourself or your business is important in today’s world, where social media has become a strong influencer of opinion.

Knowing how to respond to negative advisors and social media reviews is vital to how your brand is perceived. That is one of the reasons our clients turn to us as their partner. We turn negatives into positives as part of our reputation management service.

Responding to Site Reviews and Creating Content

Responding to ReviewsResponding to site reviews in a timely manner is the most important thing you can do for reputation management. That does, however, come with one caveat; responses must be professional and optimized.

This can be difficult for a business owner or employee, who is emotionally connected to the response and criticism. This is why clients turn to us for when responding to site reviews. TMS specializes in professional, optimized responses.

When working against negative reviews, we contact review sites and work with them to have as many removed as possible, if possible. We also contact satisfied clients and asking them to post their review if they haven’t already done so.

If your negative reputation arises from a news item, as the publisher prints more and more stories, the article about your company will generally drop down, while our content goes up. in essence, helping to bury the story.

How Long Will it Take to See Results?

The length of time for visible results will vary upon many factors. Where was the information published, is it related to other similar stories, and most importantly, what are you doing to correct the problem.
While you will generally notice some results sooner, a campaign will typically take 3-18 months depending on severity.
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