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TMS specializes in PPC management by putting together PPC campaigns that will boost your brand awareness and improve your revenue.

Digital Marketing With Pay-Per-Click (Adwords & Bing)

On the Internet, there are so many voices and people who are offering up their own opinions on virtually every subject, that building an audience has become a much more time-intensive effort than it may have been in the past.

For business owners who want to leverage the Internet and make sales, PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising is a fast and powerful means of reaching potential customers in addition to an organic SEO strategy.

What is PPC?

PPC is a specific form of digital advertising. If you’ve ever noticed a sponsored post while searching on Google, then you’ve seen a PPC ad campaign.

Instead of paying a set fee for advertising on a website or otherwise paying for each view, advertisers post an ad and only pay when individual clicks on the ad.

Interestingly enough, the whole concept of PPC ads actually comes about as a result of the Internet’s unique ecology.

Short PPC Primer

We talk a lot about how massive the Internet is with sites like Twitter and Facebook boasting millions and billions of accounts respectively, but as far as monetization of ad space goes, online advertising is actually based on the smallest of transactions. Advertisers are trying to figure out how to get an individual to act on their interest in a product.

Paying per view, although still a viable strategy for some, didn’t always make financial sense because it was difficult for businesses to see the immediate benefits and to quantify the results. PPC became more popular because it gave businesses more control over how much they were spending while also providing measurable data that they could use to make decisions.

From the perspective of smaller businesses, PPC also had the advantage of being effective across all budgets while offering more opportunities to reach people who would not have heard of the company otherwise. So with that out of the way, here’s a quick overview of three of the most popular Pay-Per-Click platforms.

What is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is Google’s online PPC marketing platform. Using this service, businesses and individuals can attract traffic to their sites directly from the search engine. And make no mistake, there’s plenty of traffic coming through Google. In fact, Google accounts for 77% of total search engine traffic on the Internet, accounting for over 4 billion searches made per day.

Imagine what just a portion of the type of traffic could do for your promotional efforts. Throw in the number of people who might not click on your ads directly but will still see them, and the promotional possibilities become endless.

PPC Keyword Research

Regardless of what you’re selling, it's imperative to craft a PPC campaign around keyword phrases. That’s how the search engine will know when to show your people your ad.

Going Deeper With Keywords

Google has a useful tool called Google Adwords Keyword Planner that provides a lot of useful data about how much competition exists for any given keyword or keyword phrase.

Google Keyword Planner is just one of many tools TMS uses for research for PPC campaigns.

Pro Tip

Since keyword research is being done for a PPC campaign, it's important to target users who have the right motives.

For example, if you’re selling treadmills and you want to attract buyers, a keyword like “treadmills” may be a bit too general and is also very broad, which means that more users are likely going to click on it without making a purchase.

On the other hand, someone who types in the words “where to buy treadmills on sale right now”, is clearly concerned with price and appears to be interested in making a purchase relatively soon. That sounds more like a buyer.

What are Bing Ads?

Bing is the formal name of Microsoft’s search engine. Although Bing doesn’t share Google’s 77% of search engine traffic market share, it does have a substantial audience with daily searches averaging over 873 million in 2017.

Bing Ads offer promoters a PPC alternative to Google Adwords. Thanks to the relatively smaller size of the search engine, clicks are a bit cheaper for businesses who are operating on a smaller budget. This makes it very popular with solo entrepreneurs in the digital marketing space.

A lot of businesses like to advertise on both Google Adwords and Bing Ads for the additional marketing reach, but the sheer size of Bing Ads makes it a platform worth exploring.

Boost Your PPC Campaign With Top Marketing Strategies

PPC campaigns are undoubtedly effective, but it’s not always easy or practical for busy entrepreneurs to spend hours researching the best keywords, figuring out daily budgets, and then managing ad performance before doing it all over again. You have a business to run and clients who will insist on having your full and undivided attention.

At TMS, our team has extensive knowledge, skill, and experience in running and managing successful PPC campaigns for clients. Our results practically speak for themselves.

Social Media Marketing Management

Let's not forget about the Social Media Marketing platform. There are a lot of people who would argue that social media officially took over the Internet a long time ago. Looking at the numbers, it’d be hard to prove them wrong.

In 2017, Twitter boasted 328 million active monthly users in the first quarter. Meanwhile, Facebook claimed 2.07 billion monthly active users for the third quarter of 2017. We won’t even mention fast-growing apps and sites like Instagram and Snapchat.

If the idea behind marketing is to find consumers and introduce them to your product, you can be sure to find buyers on social media.

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