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Profit Hacks Review And Killer Bonus

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    Profit Hacks ReviewProfit Hacks is a game changer for your business. It helps aspiring and current business owners maximize their productivity through time-saving “hacks” or shortcuts taught by Rich Schefren and Pete Williams. That’s a very simplistic description, though, as there is much more to the course than that. This course is not just about saving time, it’s also about how to get dramatically more work and marketing done for the same amount of effort.

    In a single word you could describe Profit Hacks as being LEVERAGE. It helps focus your efforts on those tasks that only you can do and shows you how to intelligently structure your work so that major parts of your workflow can be outsourced.  Now this is not a course on outsourcing per say, but rather about “structuring” your workflow intelligently to maximize you leverage of your time, content and resources.




    Profit Hacks Review – First Look At Back Office

    First Off, Why You Should Read This Review

    As you should know per our MO (modus operandi), we only recommend products and services that we personally use and this is no exception. We bought this on an early “pre-release” version of it and have been using it for a couple of months now.

    We have also personally met Pete Williams and attended a live workshop that he provided in Florida to a select group of owners on August 24th, 2012. Mike and I were both present and got a lot of personal one-on-one guidance from Pete.

    I can tell you that Pete is a rare find. He’s genuine and authentic and has made nearly all of his money OUTSIDE of the Internet Marketing space. He runs several businesses in Australia including a telecommunications / phone service business. What this means is that he doesn’t make any significant portion of his income from selling IM products and that he’s doing this as a partnership with Rich Schefren because they have identified a major hole in the solutions generally available to entrepreneurs today.

    The fact that Pete runs multiple businesses is also very important because it is at the core of the Profit Hacks mindset. There is simply no way he would be able to run multiple businesses if he was not leveraging his time the way he teaches you in this course.

    WARNING: You’re gonna hear a lot of hype about this product because there is a very big launch coming up for it. We are NOT promoting it because of the hype. We are CUSTOMERS of both Rich Schefren and Pete Williams and truly USE this course – that is why we’re reviewing and promoting it here – because we believe in it.

    You will undoubtedly see a ton of sites talking about it, but ask them if they actually bought it? Ask them if they have used it for more than two months like we have. Ask them if they have met Pete Williams or Rich Schefren personally and attended Pete’s live event. Ask them if they worked with Pete personally to maximize their application of Profit Hacks to their own business.

    Before you put your trust or faith in someone else’s review or critique of this program, please ask yourself those important questions. And then ask them if they have “the Profit Hacks key” to success. See this USB drive key in the image below? Well it and the fine Balmain pen – both engraved with “Profit Hacks” on them – were only given out to those that were actually at the live event.


    What’s Really the Point of Profit Hacks?

    Today’s entrepreneur is more taxed than ever. The “promise” of working less by working at home is, for many, unrealized. In fact, for most, they generally work more hours today from home as they used to as an employee and many times not earning more either.

    This course is really about changing that dynamic. It’s about becoming more efficient and more effective with the use of your time. It’s about doing more with less. Re-purposing your content and leveraging it into multiple channels for branding, exposure, lead generation and sales.

    We’ve followed Rich Schefren for a long time and that is how we discovered Profit Hacks several months ago in its pre-release form. If you’ve ever seen or used Rich’s BGS (Business Growth System) or downloaded his Internet Business Manifesto, then you’ll know that the is a big practitioner of “working smarter, not harder” – and that is why we bought BGS more than a year ago and why we also bought this course as well.

    Rich is a super smart guy. Look, he launched his business – – and did $3.5 million in sales his first week and guess what? He didn’t even have the product created yet. Yeah, he did $3.5 million in pre-sales for his first product on a brand new site and he did it all with a free ebook – The Internet Business Manifesto – probably one of the most prolific eBooks of all time and by far the single best free eBook I’ve ever seen produced.

    Rich is banking hard on Profit Hacks not because of hype, but because of “belief”. The Internet Marketing space has changed dramatically. Today you have to “be everywhere” and use multi-channel marketing. It’s no longer about getting tons of traffic from one source, it’s about being in multiple channels on the Internet and to your readers and subscribers seeming to “be everywhere”. You want to draw people in from a variety of sources, a variety of traffic channels and a variety of media – textual, audio, video and more.

    Rich knows this and clearly so does Pete Williams as well. But trying to create all of these different channels can be very time-consuming if you don’t have a blueprint for how to do it effectively. That is exactly what you’ll get with this training.




    What Profit Hacks is All About

    Whether you choose to accept it or not, there are times when you become trapped in doing the same things over and over, believing that there will be positive results in the long run. The same holds true for entrepreneurs who often fall victim to having misdirected focus on the business aspects that really don’t matter as much as others when closely examined.

    mike-and-troy-approvedRich and Pete offer 6 modules that impart valuable information and techniques that can get you off of this misdirected focus and get you working on the real issues that need to be addressed. The 6 modules cover everything from time management, creating a team of professionals to whom you can delegate your tasks, syndicating your products, and several other factors – things that really need to be focused if you want to leverage your efforts. There is also an additional bonus module with lots additional resources available, but we won’t ruin the surprise of it.

    If you are a business owner, you understand the need to steer your company in the right direction at all times especially since the shortest delays or the smallest mistakes can drastically set the success of your ventures back by months and even years. If you have been working quite hard and think that you still don’t have time to accomplish everything, Pete’s training may just be what you need.

    How Profit Hacks Works

    Once you sign up, you are given access to the members’ area where you will be presented with 6 modules for business productivity and success. These all come as video sessions, so you may want to ensure you have an updated flash player if you decide to sign up. Members are also given links that can be used to download the videos as MP3 audio files and are provided with bonus resources in a separate tab on the member dashboard.

    Each module is composed of several coaching videos that tackle various topics. What you will notice when you browse through these is that everything is laid out in detail and that you can actually watch them when you see fit, meaning they can be viewed as separate training videos and you’d still get the information you need, whether you go back a few tutorials or view some of them in advance. Of course, it is recommended that you go through the most important ones in the first module before moving forward.

    Module 1 – Covers all the basics including how one can navigate the members’ area and how to access all the tutorials presented in the course. What’s unique in this module is that you are given the tools you can use to perform a sort of diagnostic exam on your business and see its weak and strong points, after which you can determine which modules to start with to make the most impact for your business.

    As a business owner, you will also be taught the importance of having critical focus time to help you accomplish more and give your full attention to what really needs to be prioritized. As Profit Hacks is all about staying clear of the misdirected focus trap, the first module can really help entrepreneurs put things into perspective and devise a timekeeping plan that is simple yet effective.

    For instance, a lot of us think that we are doing something productive when we reply to emails, answer calls, or even just post replies and promotional snippets in social media platforms while working. As Pete puts it however, these activities are nothing but distractions to the real business at hand. Although these contribute to your business in an indirect manner, you need to break down your time into segments or CFTs where you can focus on a certain task within a certain period of time.

    Module 1 consists of 7 sections.

    profit hacks review

    Modules 2 and 3 on the other hand focus on your marketing skills and how you can use them to become a leader in the niche you choose to do business in by again focusing on activities that improve productivity and add to your knowledge while being able to keep communication lines open with your customers at the same time. Members are taught how to gather only the most relevant information and use this as leverage when communicating with customers and other target audiences.

    These two modules also offer tutorials on how members can put their ideas into motion by creating content that can be distributed to target audiences through different media platforms – all of which, according to Rich and Pete, can be accomplished in minutes. From creating videos to interviewing resources and down to various concepts that you can adopt to produce the appropriate content, members are given all the information they need to know in order to reach out to a larger number of potential customers.

    Module 2 consists of 17 sections and Module 3 consists of 23 sections.

    profit hacks reviews

    Module 4 – Once members have content creation down pat, they can proceed to module 4 to learn syndication. Now, we’ve had a lot of experience in this aspect and can tell you that if you don’t have a good “system” for it, it can be very time-consuming.

    What I noticed in this module is that the whole concept of syndication is explained right down to the letter. Members are taught techniques about online and offline syndication as well as using these to generate a steady income. There are also printable PDF guides that one can access when they need help in having their content published. If you feel that your business is stuck in a quagmire because you can’t reach out and attract paying customers, you will definitely learn a lot in this module.

    Module 4 consists of 17 sections.

    Module 5 – The last module concentrates on recruitment and task delegation. You’ve probably wished once or twice that you had 12 hands to finish everything, what with seemingly little time on your hands. Module 5 teaches members the skills to be able to interview and hire qualified professionals who can take the mundane yet nonetheless important tasks from your hands and allow you to focus on crucial jobs and projects.

    It also promises to provide you with tools and resources needed to manage an efficient and productive team so you can see actual progress. Communication strategies are also discussed, as well as additional videos on how you can add to client and customer lists through various offers like cards, product bonuses, and discounts.

    Module 5 consists of 20 sections.

    What Makes Profit Hacks Stand Out

    The fact is that this course is more than the sum of its parts. By that I mean it is more than just a collection of individual training hacks. It’s really a powerful mindset shift and business changer – it’s that powerful.

    Why is this so? Well for starters, you are given an arsenal of resources, tools, and knowledge that you can put to good use if you really want to succeed. More importantly, you need to get rid of old habits that only lead to a misdirected waste of time and learn to focus on things that matter most in your business, and you can only do this if you are serious enough to undergo a personal, as well as business, overhaul.

    Going back to the misdirected focus trap – other courses in the market are not able to address the minute details that prevent you from being a successful entrepreneur, and this is where this course has succeeded. Rich and Pete were able to outline each step toward becoming not only a successful business owner, but also a more efficient and effective entrepreneur and leader.

    Here’s the bottom line. This course is so powerful in terms of time-saving techniques that even if you just randomly watch 10 minutes from any random video and then go out and apply what you’ve learned, you’ll make great strides in your business. That, however,  is the WORST possible way to use the course.

    To get the most out of it, you’ll want to be willing to not only look at the individual time-saving hacks, but you’ll want to challenge your assumptions about how to run your business. You’ll want to keep an open mind about how to leverage content and how to properly outsource your efforts and define projects into meaningful bite size “tasks”.

    If you do all of that, you’ll get 10x the gain from this course over your investment – easily.

    Profit Hacks Pricing

    The whole Profit Hacks course was initially pre-released to Rich’s list only at a deeply discounted rate. The price when they reopen their doors was supposed to be $1497. However, it appears they have decided to lower the price to $997 during the launch, because that is what it is now priced at when you visit their site. Is the price worth it to you? That depends on your situation. Some of these hacks they show you can be worth their weight in gold. But if you are not going to be putting any of it to use and taking action, well then I suppose it would not be worth it to you. Value is in the eye of the beholder. The amount is justified by the quantity and quality of tips, info, and coaching that you can take advantage of when you do sign up. Personally, we are extremely satisfied with our purchase as well as the live event we attended, and we have already begun implementing a lot of these hacks into our business. We highly recommend it at $997 reduced price for sure.

    Simple, effective, and comprehensive are three words I would use to describe the training. It provides not only a platform for learning but also a venue where entrepreneurs can improve their time management habits and business management skills. Focus, along with appropriate knowledge and resources, is the key to a successful venture regardless of the product or service. Profit Hacks in my opinion can teach you just that and a lot more besides.

    Listen to Troy’s 2 Part Interview with Pete Williams

    Here’s the first part of the Interview…

    And here’s the second…


    Watch Your Free Profit Hacks Video Training Right Now…


    Profit Hacks Bonus

    While you won’t be finding a Profit Hacks discount code here, you will be receiving an awesome real world bonus that can help offset the cost of the Profit Hacks cost. We are offering anyone that purchases Profit Hacks via our affiliate link the following bonuses.


    • $500 Gift Certificate/Credit towards any NEW purchase of products or services being sold on
    • FREE 30 Minute Live One on One Consult with Mike and Troy – $300 Value as seen here: order to claim your Profit Hacks bonus, you must first use our affiliate link to purchase the product. Then open a helpdesk ticket at with a copy if your receipt to claim your bonus. All bonuses will be honored AFTER the refund periodhas expired. For anyone purchasing via a payment plan, the bonus is redeemable AFTER all payments are complete as well.




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      1. Lucy September 26, 2012 at 11:05 am #

        This looks to be interesting. If You guys are standing behind it, it must be good. I will keep my eyes out for it.

        • Mike September 29, 2012 at 11:19 am #

          Thanks Lucy, yes we are big fans of Profit Hacks and it is definitely recommended by us. Stay tuned for our bonus!

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        I watched the livestream that Rich and Pete did, but didn’t actually buy Profit Hacks at the time. I kind of wish I did now. Glad to hear it will be available again, unfortunately it will be more expensive now. I hope your bonus makes up the difference.

        • Mike September 29, 2012 at 11:21 am #

          Hi Steve, we jumped on it the second it was available man. But don’t worry, I think our bonus may make it worth your while.

      3. Jamie October 24, 2012 at 4:10 pm #

        When does this open up again?

        • Mike October 25, 2012 at 1:47 am #

          The beginning of November Jamie

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        Anxiously awaiting the launch as well.

        • Mike October 26, 2012 at 5:04 pm #

          Hey Bananas, Yeah there are a lot of people anxiously awaiting the launch of PRofit Hacks. Especially since Rich Schefren is going to be releasing his first free report that he has done in YEARS. This will be coming next week – so stay tuned. It should be awesome! Thanks for commenting!