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Pete Williams – Entrepreneur & Marketing Genius From Down Under

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    We like inventive people, especially those that come up with a profitable idea that might not cost a fortune to execute, but ends up making a great deal in return. Long time readers of Top Marketing Strategies know we even share a few profitable ideas of our own from time to time. We believe a brilliant idea, combined with a willingness to run with it can lead to major success. When we find someone like Pete Williams who has taken this path himself and wound up getting major press for it, well, you know we have to tip our hats. That’s exactly what we we’d like to do with our Spotlight today, a Spotlight with Pete Williams of recent profit hacks fame.

    Perhaps you haven’t heard about Williams – and that’s okay. You probably have heard of Richard Branson, the billionaire business mogul from the United Kingdom who started Virgin Records and now has several hundred companies under the Virgin Group umbrella. Williams has been called the Branson of Australia – and for good reason. He’s best known for selling the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Australia’s equivalent of Yankee Stadium. How did he do it? By taking an idea he read in a book, applying it to his current situation at age 21 in Australia where the cricket stadium was being torn down, grabbing up crested carpet from the famed Melbourne Cricket Club Members Long Room (a watering hole for sports greats in his native country) and, you guessed it, selling the carpet off in framed pieces. It’s a genius idea, isn’t it? And to think that a guy as young as Williams was then only makes it more startlingly brilliant.

    From Humble Beginnings to Major Marketing Mogul

    Like so many great business world success stories, Williams began quite humbly. He majored in marketing, commercial law and management at Deakin University, earned his degree and came to the United States. Once there, he began working as a shoe salesman, of all things, although he clearly dreamed of achieving much bigger things. You might say he built his business from the ground up, starting with selling shoes, then moving on to framed pieces of carpet and from there he moved into the telecommunications industry. He founded Infiniti Telecommunications, then started up On Hold Advertising, a company that puts marketing messages into the hold music you hear while waiting for ‘the next available representative‘ to speak with you. The next venture was natural enough: Simply Headsets, a company that sells precisely what its name suggests. Most people might have stopped here, but not Williams. He also founded Used Phone Systems which sells affordable phone system solutions to small businesses and Discount Conference Phones which offers, you guessed it, discounted conference phones.

    Are you noticing a theme yet? Each of Williams’ entrepreneurial successes have come from simple yet powerful ideas. He seems to have an intrinsic grasp of keeping things tightly focused and zeroing in on a great idea that sounds so simple you wish you’d thought of it yourself and, surely, plenty of people do indeed think this. Williams recognized that people thought this, too, and that lead him to try his hand at personal branding, establishing his Preneur Group which offers a variety of courses for those who want to learn about marketing, publicity, entrepreneurship and outsourcing – the very things that Williams himself is best known for being good at. Here again, he plays to his own strengths while delivering invaluable content to his audience that simply aren’t going to be able to get anywhere else. Yet again, we tip our hats to genius.

    Not one to sit around, Australia’s Branson also penned a couple of books. They are 2007’s How to Turn Your Million-Dollar Idea Into a Reality (from the Man Who Sold the MCG) and 2011’s pair of publications, Media Strategies for Internet Marketers and The Ultimate Press Release Swipe File. In the midst of all this, Williams joined up with Neil Strauss (you know, the guy who wrote The Game and helped Marilyn Manson write an autobiography) in order to create the StyleLife app for the iPhone. That worked out well so he started up Stitch Software which develops apps, as well.

    So what in the world could you learn from a fireball like Williams? Quite a lot, actually. He’s always active across social media, in podcasts and on his blog . He’s got great courses packed with opportunities to learn from one of our era’s greatest (and youngest) success stories. As fun and genuinely exciting as he is to learn from, what we really value most is that you can learn knowing that this guy knows what he’s talking about – he’s achieved remarkable success in well under a decade. Real world experience, Internet marketing savvy and experience marketing offline, too, make Williams offerings first class.

    We think there’s a lot to learn from this Australian genius and we believe you’ll agree. He’s helped us build upon our own experience and opened our minds to a lot of new ideas. His way of thinking is insightful and his enthusiasm’s contagious. He’s one online marketing mogul you really should check out – he just might spark your own brilliant stroke of genius, and Profit Hacks is only the beginning.

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