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Pay Per View Formula 3 Review and Bonus

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    Mike & Troy Review Pay Per View Formula by Gauher ChaudhryHot on the heels of one of our better webinars in which Gauher Chaudry educated everyone on the many benefits of Paid traffic is our Pay Per View Formula review. Now to be fair, the webinar was supposed to be an hour long, and it went almost two hours, and the fact is he could have gone one for a week if not weeks discussing paid traffic. But this webinar was powerful, and the hot topic was specifically PPV.

    Now PPV and CPV are synonymous, they mean the same. CPV stands for Cost Per View, and PPV stands for Pay Per View. Technically, CPV is the correct term, however Gauher pretty much coined the term PPV and has turned CPV into CPV much like Google turned the words search it into Google it – yeah hes that good!

    Want to learn more about Gauher Chaudhry – click here…

    What is PPV Traffic?

    mike-and-troy-approvedPPV traffic comes from people who have opted in to receive pops up in their browser when they perform certain activities. Whether it be them going to a specific website or searching for specific keyword terms. These are a targeted audience, targeted by the keywords and/or domains you specifically select. The gyst of it is you can have your advertisement placed directly in your prospects face, and this is not just throwing spaghetti on the wall.

    This is adware traffic, which is triggered by software that is downloaded by a user. The users use the software to play games or use some sort of app or something, so the users have opted in to view ads, they are not receiving ads that they do not want. And when they visit a website or search for a keyword you have bid on they will receive your ad. So this is as targeted as it gets.

    That being, I am not doing it any justice, just know that we have personally run PPV campaigns to win affiliate lead gen contests as well as run lead gen for our own list as well as driving traffic to affiliate offers. PPV works for just about everyone and its dirt cheap and extremely fast.

    Some of the Cool Stuff You Get

    When you consider the fact that PPV Formula 3.0 comes with a piece of software called PPV Dominator for FREE – you realize it is a steal. There is a competitor product out their to PPV Domiantor, and it costs $297 for one year and then has an annual subscription fee. That being said, You get training and the software for a steal of a deal.

    Additionally PPV Formula includes access to a forum, which is pretty lively, where you can discuss PPV items with others. Again you have to consider the bundle here for the one time purchase.

    Finally PPV Formula is on its 3rd edition. Gauher updates his course as they require it, he doesn’t just let them stagnate, and once you are a member, you are a member for life. You get access to the latest versions.

    So lets cut to chase, what comes with to Pay Per Formula Formula 3. If you prefer to go straight to PPCVF 3 simply Click Here.

    The Course Outline and Material

    So here is a look at each section of what you will be getting:

    Welcome To Pay Per Formula Formula 3.0 – This of course is pretty self explanatory, it is an introduction to the course as the name would imply.

    Module 1: PPV Dominator – This is Gauher’s own home grown software that he uses for his PPV campaigns. he shows you how to install the software, which takes about 5-10 minutes to install on your server. This software, for me is well worth the price of entry in and of itself. To me the training is just a bonus. It is your PPV command center for running your campaigns. This Module contains 7 vidoes, as well as PDF transcript of the entire module.

    Module 2: The Strategies – This is something most wont discuss. Actually thinking strategically, as opposed to just throwing up some keywords and waiting for traffic. You need to have a plan and know what your plan of attack is. There are methods to the madness. There are 12 videos in this section and the when you see the various strategies that you can use with PPV, you will see that the world is literally your oyster with the many ways you can get traffic. There is also a OPDF transcript for this module

    Module 3: Keyword Research – This module contains an incredible 13 videos. If you are still struggling with keyword research even after watching each of these videos then it is most likely not going to be worth your time to pursue it further. Several different techniques and tools are covered in this module, too.

    Module 3: Trafficvance – This is one of the best PPV Network around, however they are extremely hard to get accepted to. SO this network is good to know, but when you are just starting out, you will more than likely be using one of the lesser networks first to get your feet wet. Gauher has 3 videos and a PODF transcript for this module.

    Module 4: Lead Impact – Lead Impact used to be called Zango, and they were actually the first PPV network we joined years ago. They are the largest of the PPV network and their traffic comes fast and furious. Gauher includes 3 videos and PODF transcript in this module

    Module 5: Media Traffic – Another of the more popular PPV networks that we use and recommend. Gauher includes 6 videos and a PDF transcript with this module.

    Module 6: AdOn Network – This network is an aggregator of partner networks. Gauher describes it in detail with 3 videos and process map and a PDF transcription.

    Module 7: DirectCPV – We have not actually tried this network yet. As we understand it is an aggregator of partner sites as well. We do intend to delve into it as well. Gauher includes 3 videos, a process map and a PDF transcription of this module as well.

    Module 8: PPV Arbitrage and List Building – We have actually not done PPV Arbitrage. It consists of driving cheap traffic to a site with search ads and getting paid more money for the clicks they generate then you are paying for the clicks. Again, not something we are doing. But it also goes in depth about list building which is something we are doing in a big way and recommend everybody does. This module contains 3 videos and a PDF transcription.

    Module 9: PPV Tools – This module has 6 videos where Gauher goes into details about various tools that can be used to assist with your PPV runs, he even includes a spreadsheet in there. There is also a PDF transcription.

    Module 10: PPV Landing Pages – This module is under construction as of May 1st. There is currently one video describing iframes for now. But it is meant to discuss landing page creation and optimization.

    What is not listed – a PPV Forum – this is huge. Havinga forum of others that have either done what you are doing or going through the same thing is of immense value. There are other courses out there that charge you for forum access.

    Pay Per View Formula Pricing

    At $347, Pay Per View Formula 3 to me is well worth the price. There are other courses out there for cheaper, but they don’t come with the tools (PPV Dominator) and Forum as this course does. Additionally. Gauher is the Godfather of PPV – there is no better person to teach it than him. Once you get setup and start using the things you learn in this course the $347 price of entry will seem like a drop in the bucket. You can make that back in less than an hour with a successful campaign, or by avoiding a mistake that he may teach you to avoid. In our opinion, you cant go wrong with PPV Formula – period.

    Pay Per View Formula Bonus

    While you wont be finding a Pay Per Formula discount code here, we are offering anyone who purchases the course via our affiliate link a massive $50 gift card to use at to buy any product on our site. You could use the $50 to buy our Content Packages, SEO Packages, Articles, Linkbuilding or anything else we offer on In addition, you will receive a coupon to save 10% on your future orders at in the event that you find yourself needing additional services or content.

    Redeeming your bonus is simple. All you need to do is go to to open a Helpdesk ticket and then paste in your receipt from ordering Pay Per Click Formula 3. We will verify that you used our link and that the 30 day refund period is over and send you the credit. Those purchasing the course via the payment plan will need to wait until after making their final payment and the refund period has expired before the bonus will be able to be paid out. Additionally, the bonus is only valid for people purchasing the full price $347 product, if you are purchasing it with any promotional/temporary pricing you will not qualify for the bonus.


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