Oct 18

What Is Article Spinning?

Most people know that an article is a brief form of written content and the web, by and large, is composed of information delivered in this form, interspersed with photos, videos and other kinds of content. Those in marketing may also be familiar with the concept of article marketing which is the use of articles as a way to reach out to customers and win them over by providing good quality information or entertaining content designed to appeal to them. However, what you might not know is that in order to get so many articles out there, article spinning is often done. That is what we want to talk about today so that you can learn what it is, how it works, why it is used in marketing maybe even decide if it is a way you want to promote […]

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Oct 17

What Is PLR Content?

Content is the heart of the web. It is what people come online to consume and it is why websites of all kinds are set up. Whether that content is written, spoken or shown on video – it is the main component of the web and those in business today will have to have it if they wish to sell any kind of product or service. Of course, how that content is generated or otherwise obtained can vary widely, but it is important to understand your options when it comes to this. What we are going to talk about now is a type of content that many marketers are using these days. We are going to see that PLR content is one of your options now, see why it is popular, find out how it is being used, what the […]

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Oct 17

What Is Article Marketing?

The web was built on written content, long before high-end photos or video became something common to see. Even today, with these other kinds of media being far more prevalent, we see plenty of articles of all types on countless websites. For marketers and those with a business they’d like to promote, understanding articles and why they appeal to web visitors is very powerful. What we want to do now is look at the power of this marketing strategy and see how it works, discuss the details of how it is done best and uncover how any business, individual or organization can best leverage article marketing to produce the results they are looking to see or at the very minimum have you understanding what article marketing is. Article writing has and will continue to play an integral part in we […]

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Aug 9

Common Link Building Questions Answered

Starting Out with Link Building

For those of us who have been involved in Internet Marketing for a while, the concept of building links is well established in our minds. However, every week there are new people coming onto the scene who will have basic questions that need to be answered. For all the resources out there, sometimes even getting started in SEO can be difficult. For those who are now starting, don’t worry because in this post we’re going to cover some of the basics for you in an easy to understand way. Recently, over at SEOBook blogger Debra Mastaler wrote about receiving an email from a lady who is just starting in SEO. While she had read up to learn about article marketing she still had trouble understanding some of the underlying principles that guide that process as well as some of the key […]

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Aug 6

Content Marketing Strategies Working Magic for Today’s Businesses

The Magic of Content Marketing

Like technology, marketing is always on the move. This is especially true when it comes to the web where it seems as if new start-ups arise every few months with quite a few smashing their way into the headlines. You might be surprised to learn that it isn’t million dollar Super Bowl commercials or full-page ads in The New York Times that are helping businesses work magic online, it is actually a bit of wizardry we like to call: content marketing. That’s right, more than ever before marketers of all stripes are getting on board with the need for quality content after first a voracious Panda and then a sinister Penguin made us all take notice of Google’s mighty hold over organic search. However, we need to be aware that today’s top content marketing strategies are about a lot more than […]

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Jul 30

Writing Content That Sucks Readers In

Garbage Content Leads to the Wrong Kind of Readers

There’s a magic word you need to know that will change the way you write content for your site. It’s a small word, but it gets gargantuan results for those who know about it. This word describes the kind of content that pulls in readers far and wide because it has a way of spreading through word of mouth, both online and offline. The magic word is EPIC. That’s right, Corbett Barr of ThinkTraffic ¬†recently wrote an article with a decidedly more colorful and succinct title covering this very topic, called ‘Write Epic Sh**‘. In his article, Barr makes a powerful argument that in order to truly achieve relevance online today, anyone with a blog needs to reach deep into themselves and create the best written content they can. For those creating non-written content, he suggests doing the same thing […]

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Mar 9

Picking The Best Article Submitter

One method for SEO that is affordable and still has a solid track record of making an impact is article marketing via article submissions. Submitting articles with backlinks to your site to different blogs, sites, or directories has long been shown to produce impressive results and that is why this technique remains popular today: IT WORKS. Plenty of Options You have many choices out there when it comes to article submitters, but you want to remember that not all of them provide you with services useful in today’s radically changed web environment. The strategy of article submission is constantly evolving because search engines keep changing their rules to refine their service. Take for instance, the fact that article directories have made their submission standards more strict in response to Google’s recent algorithm updates. A good example of this is EzineArticles.com […]

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